Vehicle Sticker Heading
  • Vehicle Stickers are required for all motor vehicles.
  • Stickers are due on our vehicle by June 1st of each year.
  • A penalty of $5 will be added after due date, which increases by $5 on the first of each month thereafter.


  • Passenger Car -- $49.00
  • Motorcycle/Scooter -- $40.25
  • B-Plate Truck -- $55.00
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) -- $47.50
  • C-Plate [or above] Truck -- $77.50
  • Charitable Vehicle (CV) -- $10.00
  • Transfer/Replacement -- $10.00
  • Senior Citizen & Disabled Veteran Rates
    • Senior Citizen -- Free
    • Disabled Veteran -- $1.50
New Residents:
  • New residents have 30 days from date of move-in to purchase a vehicle sticker without penalties.
  • Please provide proof of settlement statement or lease.
Purchase a New Vehicle:
  • If previously you have not purchased a vehicle sticker, you have 30 days from when you receive permanent plates to purchase without a penalty.
  • Please provide new vehicle registration form.
  • If you have previously purchased a vehicle sticker for the year, you will need to purchase a transfer sticker (please see note below).
  • Please provide proof of new vehicle (Bill of Sale).
Transfer Stickers:
  • Transfer stickers can be purchased if you have proof that a vehicle sticker has been previously purchased for the year.
  • Reasons for transfer: traded in car, broken windshield, etc.
  • Transfer stickers cost $10.
Senior Citizen Rate:
  • The discounted rate will be issued to any resident age 65 or older.
  • Please provide a copy of license or state ID to show eligibility of discount.
  • Note: Limit to one discount per household.
Disabled Veteran:
  • The discounted rate will be issued to any resident who is considered a Disabled Veteran.
  • Please provide a copy of your military regards to show eligibility of discount.
Please Note:
  • Only one discount per household.
  • Cards will be mailed out late April and go on sale May 1st. Even if you don't receive a card, you still have to purchase a sticker.
  • If you move and stay within the Village, please update your information with the Village in order to receive a card the following year.
  • Half-Year prices become effective December 1st.
  • Stickers can also be purchased at the Richton Park Currency Exchange (There is a nominal fee).